Pawan Kalyan starts dangerous game in Ap politics

Did Pawan Kalyan starts the game or get caught up in the game. If you listen to the words of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, the same suspicion arises. The fact that Pawan is personally grafting on Jaganmohan Reddy is clear from his words. Pawan Kalyan ‘s insistence on defeating the YCP and bringing the Janasena Party to power in the coming elections is very strong.

Whether or not the transplant in Pawan’s words will come into operation is a different matter. Ordinarily though no one would be willing to anticipate activity from Pawan Kalyan . Because it has been proven many times that what Pawan Kalyan says and does has nothing to do with what he does.

Pawan Kalyan Caste related politics

Now the matter is that Pawan has opened up to a dangerous game. That means taking the Kamma social class to the shoulder against Jagan. The Kamma social class, the Telugu Desam Party, has left its mark. And in such a backdrop why does the Kamma social group lean towards Pawan Kalyan not TDP.

In fact the YCP does not see the Kamma social class as a class enemy as Pawan Kalyan has repeatedly accused. No party can view or exclude another social group as a class enemy. Despite knowing this, Pawan has repeatedly targeted Jagan and Kamma social groups. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. ( Janasena and TDP alliance )

On the one hand the Kamma caste was fermenting against Jagan while on the other hand the BCs also started fermenting. That is to say, Pawan started the dangerous game of keeping the Kamma caste and the BC castes away from Jagan at the same time.

There was a split in the BCs who had been supporting the TDP for decades and for the first time some factions also stood in support of the YCP. Despite being in the Opposition .. Jagan has been giving good priority to BCs even after coming to power.

The ruling party leaders hope that this will increase support for the YCP from the BC’s in the upcoming elections. And at a time like this why do BCs walk along with Pawan not Jagan. A closer look at current politics reveals that Pawan does not have consistent views on any issue. Everyone knows that Pawan is an unsustainable politician. So it is doubtful to what extent Kamma, who believes in Pawan, will get support from BC communities.

If TDP and Janasena form an alliance, Kamma and Kapu communities can meet anywhere. Moreover it is doubtful that the BCs meet. Because it is known that in many districts BCs and farmers are spotted. It remains to be seen how effective the Pawan strategy will be.

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