Method of forming pearls technology in Smartphones screen glass

Method of forming pearls technology : No matter how new the model is .. no matter how expensive the phone is .. once it falls down, the screen glass is sure to break. When the phone is not having a screen guard.

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But the newest glass, which is extremely strong and can withstand moderate pressure, will soon be available. Scientists at McGill University in Canada have created this newest glass by combining plain glass with acrylic (a rigid transparent plastic). It can withstand five times more stress than ordinary glass, said Allen Erlich, a scientist who led the research.

Method of forming pearls technology like shelled mollusk

Scientists have developed a new glass based on the method of forming pearls like shelled mollusk. The inside of the shells contain a substance called ‘necro’. The brittle calcium carbonate material and the elastic organic (some type of protein) material combine to form a ‘necro’. The oysters and pearls formed with it remain strong and can withstand stress.

Scientists who examined the structure created a rigid glass by combining brittle glass and elastic acrylic. It is easy to manufacture and the price is also low. This glass can be used for smart phone screens as well as TVs and monitors.

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