Janasena and TDP alliance.. What kind of politics in AP ?

Janasena and TDP alliance in AP politics | Opposition politics in the AP have become interesting. Abandoned parties are joining hands in local body elections. The pieces are moving to suit the needs. The TDP left the BJP in the AP before the 2019 elections. Janasena, however, did not want TDP. After the election, the BJP and Janasena formed an alliance. Still the same alliance continues. If there is any problem at the state level, Janasena and BJP are still targeting the TDP. But the scene changed in the local election. ( TDP wants to dissolve the assembly )

Janasena and TDP joined hands. Janasena, who has sidelined the allied BJP, is running along with the TDP. Janasena and TDP are working together in East Godavari and West Godavari Zilla Parishad elections. The TDP, which claims to have boycotted the elections, has also scrambled to win the zonal council here. Horror is fighting for council seats. In East Godavari district Kadium, P. Gannavaram, Alamoor, Rajolu, VRpuram zone, the YCP did not get the expected majority.

How long is this Janasena and TDP alliance

The TDP and Janasena, which contested separately here, had a chance to win the constituency presidency. What’s more .. both parties have entered the field. Positions are shared. The same scene was repeated in Veeravasaram and Achanta in West Godavari district. TDP and Janasena have teamed up in both these places. These parties share the Mandala Parishad presidency for two to three years, depending on their strengths. ( ap privilege committee recomend gags on tdp mla’s )

The allegations made against the TDP in the past are that the Janasena leadership has forgotten or is thinking about the future but .. has gone along with the TDP. It became interesting how the BJP agreed to meet the Janasena party TDP with them. Moreover, these elections are not party-free like the Gram Panchayat elections. Held on party symbols. Alliance means alliance. It will continue as well as any election. So far we have seen similar alliances.

The TDP has no objection to Mari Janasena. The TDP did not want the Janasena party to distance itself. The TDP estimates that it lost nearly 35 assembly seats due to Janasena in the 2019 elections. The TDP is well aware of the need for Janasena. That’s why the party gave the green signal to local alliances too late to ask. The BJP, however, is watching the whole episode and pretending not to know.

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