How to increase WiFi Router internet speed

WiFi Router : The internet is now a condition that is used in almost every home, it has become a necessity for everyone. And also requires internet as we have to do office work at home. Internet usage increased rapidly under corona conditions. Even though the offices are open, due to social distance .. many people are still working from home. In such a situation, if WiFi Router is working slowly it will be very troublesome. ( Alternate for Google Storage )

However, experts say that small tips are enough to increase Wi-Fi speed. While working, your internet signal gets stuck and your work stops. So in such a situation, tech experts say that by following a few steps step by step you may not have any problem related to internet.

If your internet is slow while working at home, the big reason for this is the Wi-Fi router .. the distance between your device may be. You will not receive a strong signal if you are outside its range. If you work close to the router, the internet speed will be better. They say that if you keep the router in the room, the signal will not interfere with your gadget.

Change WiFi Router Settings

Go to wireless settings and from there go to advanced settings. There you need to save the setting by selecting the channel. After this the router must be restarted. Doing so will reactivate the router with the new setting and increase your net speed.

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Monitor WiFi Router with Wifi analytics app

Despite this solution, if your internet speed is not at the level you expect, you can monitor the WiFi frequency channel through the Wi-Fi Analytics app. You will need to remove the channels through this app. To do this, you need to go to the router settings and log in with your ID-password. ( More discount on wifi routers )

Speed Test Master

SpeedTest Master is an easy application to test internet speed on an Android smartphone. It is possible to test the speeds of various networks such as 4G, DSL, 5G, ADSL. Speed ​​can also be measured through an app called Motior. However, internet speeds can be measured at very low levels.

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