How to detect virus in smartphones

Protect smartphones from virus : Smartphone has become a part of man’s life. For some it will otherwise stop the journey of life. We use the smartphone in many ways, from online classes to office meetings, especially during lockdowns. Cybercriminals who do the same thing commit crimes by targeting user data on the phone. Cyber ​​security companies say the number has risen sharply. Experts say that apps, messages, e-mails, etc. are being sent to users’ mobiles by viruses and their valuable information is being stolen.

How to know if there is a virus in smartphones

The smartphone we use regularly gets accidentally slow. Without knowing the reason .. we are deleting files, apps and restarting the phone. But there is no change in the performance of the phone. Cyber ​​experts say that if you encounter this situation often, you should suspect that your phone is infected with a virus. ( Method of forming pearls technology in Smartphones )

Some suggestions have been made to detect the virus on the smartphone.

Charging Isuue

If your smartphone charging is slowing down, it could be due to a virus. This is because hackers send viruses into our phones through apps, messages, and e-mails. Then, without our knowledge, they make purchases with the help of the apps in the phone. They make phone calls and send messages from our phone. This will reduce the phone charging. If you have a similar problem with your smartphone, you should suspect a virus.

Careful with apps to Protect smartphones

We will download any apps we need from the Play Store. Some of them are even duplicates. As soon as we download them, cybercriminals send viruses into their phones and collect banking login details and other important information. There is a risk that our bank account will be emptied.

precautions when downloading apps

When downloading apps from the PlayStore or App Store you need to check if they are from a verified source. We need to carefully examine the spelling and logos of any app we want to download. Cyber ​​experts suggest that it is best not to let anything get in the way. Also, after thoroughly reviewing the reviews, you need to download these apps.

Mobile Reset

It seems that there is a virus even though online ads are often seen on the smartphone. Also if new apps are being downloaded without your permission. If you have any of these problems on your phone then immediately remove the unwanted apps on the phone .. Cyber ​​experts suggest a factory reset of the phone.

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