Corona third wave intensity seems to be low in india | CSIR

Corona third wave intensity : The CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) said that even if the corona third wave hits the country, its intensity is likely to remain low. The news of the third wave of Coronavirus (Coronavirus Third Wave) in India has been circulating on social media for a few days now. ( delta variant covid in china )

CSIR Director General Dr Shekhar C Mande (DG CSIR explains) said that even if the corona got a third wave in this sequence, its intensity would not be so high. And Shekhar explained “We have been able to provide at least one dose of vaccine to a large percentage of the population in the country. Many have also received a second dose. A large percentage of our vaccines retain this virus. Even if the corona is positive after vaccination, the severity of the virus is very low. Even if the corona has a third wave at a time like this, its intensity is much lower compared to the second wave ”.

The central government has also recently announced that it will make arrangements to provide the vaccine at home to the disabled and those who are unable to travel long distances. It is learned that VK Paul, a member of the Nitish Aayog, who revealed the matter, said that he was very happy to make this statement. ( monkeypox two cases found in uk )

Meanwhile, Dr. Samiran Panda of ICMR recently revealed that the arrival of the Third Wave in India depends largely on the precautions taken by the people. Manindra Agrawal of IIT Kanpur also said that if a new variant of the Corona is born, there will be a chance of a third wave in the country.

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