Central Election Commission shock to Janasena party

Central Election Commission shock to Janasena party. The party was dealt a political blow at a time when it was just falling apart. The Central Election Commission has issued a notification disclosing the details of the parties registered so far in the country.

Janasena did not get regional party status. The CEC has included Janasena in the list of unidentified parties. This made the glass symbol, a common symbol for Janasena, a free symbol. The CEC said that only four parties in the Telugu states have regional party status.

Only YCP, TRS, TDP and Majlis parties have been included in the list of recognized regional parties. According to the notification issued in the 2013 elections, to be recognized as a regional party, one has to get at least 6 per cent of the votes polled in the elections to the Legislative Assembly. As well as to win two assembly seats. ( YS Jagan ready for advance elections )

However, in the last election, Janasena got 6 per cent votes. With only one assembly seat won, that opportunity was gone. The CEC found 2756 parties unrecognized across the country. 197 free symbols are allocated for these. It also placed the glass symbol previously assigned to Janasena in that free symbol category.

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